Second Annual Shoe Campaign


This is the second year our board voted to buy our Lincoln County foster children name brand tennis shoes. Thank you so much to Kohls whose “Kohl’s cash days” allowed us to also buy socks for all the children. I also want to thank my amazing staff for always jumping in and helping with whatever is needed to make every project a success!!! The results were amazing! Thank you to Store Supply Warehouse for the awesome bags and so generously “gifting” us the updated version of our logo! Thanks to all the foster care social workers for their assistance with the delivery. Many thanks to all those who contributed to help make this possible!!! There are 106 happy children!!!
Making a difference in the lives of our Lincoln County Foster Children

2 thoughts on “Second Annual Shoe Campaign

    1. Hey,
      After our initial order DSS took additional children into custody. We added 7 more children for a total of 104. We are a little short of fully covering the total cost.
      Thanks for asking and caring about our Lincoln County foster children.

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