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Learning made fun! 📕📗📘📙📚

Pictured are two of the bookcases that were placed in the Lincoln County DSS visitation rooms.  The new books were gifted from Lisa’s Library.  They supplied an assortment of books for all ages. Additional books, previously purchased by SUFC, added to the collection. 

 The children are encouraged to keep a book if they so desire. A lot of these children have never owned a book of their own😢

Thanks to Charlie & Norma Bohlen for securing the donation and such an awesome display of the books!

Annual Shoe Campaign

👟🧦👟Shoe Campaign👟🧦👟

This year Speak Up for Children is purchasing athletic shoes for all the Lincoln County Foster children. We currently have an unprecedented number of children in our local foster care system. Our goal is to purchase shoes and socks for at least 110 children (this number increases as children are taken into custody). We estimate that the total cost will be around $5,000.00.
This project is in addition to our normal grants for the children’s unmet needs such as tutoring, clothing, summer camps, and other miscellaneous needs.
Thank you in advance for your contribution of any amount to help us continue to “Make a Difference” in a Lincoln County foster child’s life.

You can contribute by mailing a check to:
2817 E Hwy 27
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Or by calling (704)735-8786 to make a contribution by phone

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