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2022 Grants

Through the persistence of our officers, board of directors and colleagues, Speak Up For Children, Inc. has been fortunate to receive contributions to finance scholarships/grants since our inception in 2012.  Times Oil and other Lincoln County companies, churches, families, memberships, grants from The Lincoln County Community Foundation, and fundraisers like the Holiday Tour of Homes have allowed our organization to “fill the gaps” that exist in funding resources for foster children.  Our continuing goal is to provide hope and a sense of normalcy in the disrupted lives of these children.  

2022 Grants awarded:

20 for camp
12 for clothing
7 for Carowinds tickets
2 for Universal Studios tickets
2 prom expenses
2 yearbooks
1 martial arts camp
1 monster truck show
1 pair of glasses
1 guitar
1 pair of basketball shoes
1 tutor
1 swim lessons
1 set of home school books
1 set of home school packets
1 diapers and wipes
2 specialty baby formula (twins)
1 phone card for calls with mother

Home Tour Thanks👏👏👏

It takes a village to complete a successful event and we are so grateful for all the volunteers that gave of their time and talents to help make this years Home Tour a wonderful success! 

Thank you to Tina Freeland at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church who beautifully decorated their Parrish Hall for our refreshments. Thank you to Lily Fostvedt and the ladies of Trilogy who provided many of the cookies and baked items.  

Thank you for helping us to provide for the unmet needs of our Lincoln County foster children❤️

🎺 🎹🎻🎼🎺🎹🎻🎼🎺🎹🎻🎼

Holiday Tour of Historic Homes 

We would like to thank all of the talented musicians who made the tour experience even more magical by entertaining all the participants with amazing seasonable performances! 

Helena, Zoey, Zelda, & Ziva Hoyle

Gaye Howard, Sherry Duncan, Gwen Gash &
Ashton Patel

John Lineberger

Guy Rudisill

Cain Leonard

Joanna & Neil Underwood

Kathryn Graham

Phillip Warren

Debra Ransom

Rev. Donna Tolliver 

Jeannie Pearson

2022 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes

Holiday Home Tour 

Wow the 2022 Lincolnton Holiday Tour of Historic Homes is now in the past. But that’s where a lot of of our minds were yesterday as hundreds of people came out to tour these beautiful, magnificent homes and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The tour brought back memories for some and a longing to know from where we came to others. To many it helped put us in the Christmas spirit, just seeing the amazing decorated Christmas trees. Some homes featured amazing architect and stunning handcrafted furniture pieces.  Each site had its own unique qualities that amazed all. 

The participants were all extremely appreciative of the homeowners for graciously opening up their homes to so many visitors. These homeowners took time out of a very busy holiday season to help improve the lives of the Lincoln County Foster Children.

We want to thank the homeowners: 

        The Frank & Rose Budd Chamberlain House 
Thomas and Betty Flohr

      Alexander-Carter-Kurtz House
   Marc and Kimberly Kurtz

      Mauney-Rudisill-Long House     
Brad and Whitney Davis

                Woodside Plantation
  Rick and Myra Ramseur

          St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 

The 185+ volunteers, who without their help this event would not have been possible! 

The Lincoln Cultural Center, Home Place Restaurant, 7th Moon Boutique, Treasures on Main, Burtons Farms General Store, and Amy’s Closet, Denver who sold many, many tickets.

Wayne & Janice Hoyle of Century 21 Realty for helping with all the signs. 

Delta Sigma Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, Raine Middleton of Hartzog Pottery, Atrium Health-Lincoln, Lincolnton Police Department, City of Lincolnton, and Lincoln County Government.  

All of our talented musicians who made the tour experience even more magical by entertaining all the participants with amazing seasonable performances! 

All the wonderful participants who came out to support us!  

Thank you all so much for helping Speak Up For Children Inc improve the lives of the Lincoln  County Foster children!!!  

To learn more about our organization or to make a donation  please visit our website at

Holiday Tour of Homes

2022 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes, Lincolnton, NC

Speak Up For Children’s 2022 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes will be held Friday, December 16, 2022 from 4:00 until 9:00 pm. The tour offers a rare opportunity to enter some of Lincolnton’s finest private homes and a historic church. Visitors will be able to experience the architecture, furnishings and holiday decorations that make these treasured sites unique.
The proceeds of the event benefit the foster children of Lincoln County. Please join us and enhancing your Christmas spirit by helping to provide for the unmet needs of our Lincoln County foster children.

Tickets may be purchased online below or by visiting:

  • The Lincolnton Cultural Center
  • Treasures on Main, Uptown Lincolnton
  • 7th Moon Boutique, Uptown
  • Amy’s Closet, N Hwy 16 Denver
  • Homeplace Restaurant, Hwy 27 W
  • Burtons General Store, Uptown Lincolnton

The following beautiful homes on the tour this year:

Woodside Plantation

Mauney-Rudisill-Long House

Alexander-Carter-Krutz House

Frank & Rose Budd Chamberlain House 1927

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 1841






NOTE: Tickets purchased online may be picked through December 15, 2022 at the office of Scates & Sellers, CPA PA, 2817 E Hwy 27, Lincolnton, NC 28092. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 9:00am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-5:00pm. For information please call (704)735-8786. On the day of the event December 16, 2022, prior to visiting any homes, please pick up your tickets up at the “WILL CALL” table located in front of the Parish Hall at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church located at 315 N Cedar St, Lincolnton, NC.

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Today we received a donation from the City of Lincolnton Student Advisory Council. Members pictured are Mason Fitzpatrick and Peyton Lee.
Thanks for helping us “Make a difference” in a Lincoln County foster child’s life❤️❤️❤️

Learning made fun! 📕📗📘📙📚

Pictured are two of the bookcases that were placed in the Lincoln County DSS visitation rooms.  The new books were gifted from Lisa’s Library.  They supplied an assortment of books for all ages. Additional books, previously purchased by SUFC, added to the collection. 

 The children are encouraged to keep a book if they so desire. A lot of these children have never owned a book of their own😢

Thanks to Charlie & Norma Bohlen for securing the donation and such an awesome display of the books!

Annual Shoe Campaign

👟🧦👟Shoe Campaign👟🧦👟

This year Speak Up for Children is purchasing athletic shoes for all the Lincoln County Foster children. We currently have an unprecedented number of children in our local foster care system. Our goal is to purchase shoes and socks for at least 110 children (this number increases as children are taken into custody). We estimate that the total cost will be around $5,000.00.
This project is in addition to our normal grants for the children’s unmet needs such as tutoring, clothing, summer camps, and other miscellaneous needs.
Thank you in advance for your contribution of any amount to help us continue to “Make a Difference” in a Lincoln County foster child’s life.

You can contribute by mailing a check to:
2817 E Hwy 27
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Or by calling (704)735-8786 to make a contribution by phone

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2020 Angel Tree

Speak Up continues to help provide for our LIncoln County foster children by purchasing some of the more expensive Angel Tree gifts for the LIncoln County Department of Social Services. This year, because of generous donations, the budget was increased to $2,000.00. Many thanks to Charlie & Norma Bohlen who shopped for all the gifts and advocated for discounts to stretch the budget even further. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this years “Angel Tree” project a success.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Help us continue to make a difference in the life of a LIncoln County child by making a tax deductible contribution!