Daily Archives: May 25, 2023

2022 Grants

Through the persistence of our officers, board of directors and colleagues, Speak Up For Children, Inc. has been fortunate to receive contributions to finance scholarships/grants since our inception in 2012.  Times Oil and other Lincoln County companies, churches, families, memberships, grants from The Lincoln County Community Foundation, and fundraisers like the Holiday Tour of Homes have allowed our organization to “fill the gaps” that exist in funding resources for foster children.  Our continuing goal is to provide hope and a sense of normalcy in the disrupted lives of these children.  

2022 Grants awarded:

20 for camp
12 for clothing
7 for Carowinds tickets
2 for Universal Studios tickets
2 prom expenses
2 yearbooks
1 martial arts camp
1 monster truck show
1 pair of glasses
1 guitar
1 pair of basketball shoes
1 tutor
1 swim lessons
1 set of home school books
1 set of home school packets
1 diapers and wipes
2 specialty baby formula (twins)
1 phone card for calls with mother